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Just for laughs...
Cokehead Lennon
Someone mentioned this list on Highdeas.com, and of course it sounded hilarious. So I googled it, and sure enough, found it right away. So I present for your viewing pleasure...

60 Ways To Say No To Drugs, From The Partnership For A Drug-Free America!!1!Collapse )

Of course, most of them are incredibly ridiculous ("No, if I want to look stupid I'll become a mime"). And as much of a complete geek I was in grade school, I have to say some of them are just INVITING non-stop teasing and harassment ("No thanks, I might get kicked off the Math team").

But I really can't get over how downright rude and completely uncalled-for some of these responses are. Just skim the list, and imagine what it would be like to say some of these things to a person's face. Someone offers you drugs, and you immediately snap "I don't want your life"? Who says that? What kind of asshole would suggest saying such a thing? Even if the person in question had the worst life ever, why would you want to bring it up and throw it in their face like that? It's just...wrong.

Anyway, yeah, I thought this list was kind of funny. ENJOY!